Facing the unknown

Aida had given birth before, many times in fact. She knew the routine, what to expect and looked forward to meeting her seventh child. When the time came, she went to the community health centre and without complications; Aida and her husband welcomed Jane into their family.

Aida watched her baby grow with new changes coming every few days: new sounds, facial expressions, all the little things that delight a mum and dad.

Then the convulsions and uncontrollable crying started.

Jane was only a month old, when Aida took her to the health centre. Otherwise healthy, Jane started to receive treatment for seizures. Aida expected life to return to normal, but it didn’t. Over the coming weeks, Jane’s head began to swell. With no knowledge, Aida and her husband were at a loss to explain what was happening. They sought the help of their church and prayed for a miracle for little Jane.

Their miracle came when a former CURE Uganda employee saw them at the health centre and advised Jane’s parents to take her to the CURE hospital right away.
At CURE, Aida learned that Jane had hydrocephalus and that it was treatable. Jane received the surgery that she needed and with help from the spiritual team, Aida understood that Jane would be restored back to health.

That was three years ago. In the time since, Aida sadly lost her husband in a traffic accident, and life has been difficult for their family. When you mention Jane, though, a smile lights up Aida’s face. Jane has continued to reach developmental milestones, just a like a little girl should. She loves to imitate her mum as she helps with chores. Jane’s miraculous life fills Aida with gratitude for CURE Uganda, and gives her the strength to bring encouragement to other mothers who are exactly where she was just a few years ago, facing the unknown of a child with hydrocephalus.

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