CURE UK welcomes Timothy Perkin to the board of trustees

CURE UK is thrilled to welcome a new trustee to its governing board, Timothy Perkin.

Tim is a sustainability consultant at Kumi, where he specialises in responsible sourcing. His role is to advise companies on how to identify and manage human rights and environmental risks in global supply chains. His clients are predominantly consumer brands operating in mineral, agricultural, textile and medical supply chains.

Prior to working at Kumi he worked at a foreign aid consultancy and also lived in Malawi for six months, supporting a charity’s projects in HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation and agriculture. Tim has a Masters in Economic Anthropology and a BA in Anthropology, both from the University of Sussex, where he particularly focused on issues in the global south.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys swimming, playing the piano, being involved in amateur dramatics and is pretty up-to-date on London’s West End.

CURE UK’s chief executive Flora Gibbons had this to say:

“I am really pleased that Tim will be joining the board of CURE International UK. CURE’s mission to provide compassionate and sustainable healthcare to children with treatable disabilities in under-resourced countries requires thoughtful and insightful stewardship, and Tim’s specialised knowledge in his field of work as well as personal connections with CURE’s network and values, means he will be a great asset to the charity and the board. Welcome, Tim!” 

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