About CURE


CURE International works in developing countries to transform the lives of children with correctable disabilities through surgery and compassionate care.

The children that ​we serve have conditions like clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lips, untreated burns and hydrocephalus. Without treatment, they will have little hope for a future. Many will die from their condition.

Since the opening of its first hospital in 1998, CURE International has seen more than 3.3 million outpatients, performed over 230,000 surgeries and trained more than 8,100 medical professionals in first-world clinical skills.

It is estimated that there are over 100 million children in the developing world who are suffering unnecessarily with a disability that can be corrected.

The lack of quality health care, combined with overwhelming poverty, increases the rate of conditions like clubfoot, severe limb deformities, crooked spines, hydrocephalus, cleft lips/palates etc. For children in low-income countries, these ailments typically go untreated, causing increased risk of child mortality, exclusion form society and stigmatisation.

Correcting and alleviating disability contributes towards the reduction of child mortality rates.

CURE UK is an independent UK charity and is a sister organisation of CURE International, the leading provider of specialist paediatric surgical care in the developing world.​