Amos before and after“When I was on my own I used to think of taking a machete and cutting off my legs. None of my friends were born like this, just me, and I didn’t understand what I had done wrong.”

Amos was born with clubfoot, a condition where the foot twists upwards and inwards making it almost impossible to walk. Amos felt alone and rejected and thought he would never be able to go to school or get a job.

However, Doctors at CURE told Amos that there was hope for a life beyond his disability. He came to the CURE Hospital in Zambia and was given an operation to straighten his foot. Today Amos can walk, run and play like any other child. He is enjoying going to school and looks forward to a full, productive life.

Clubfoot is completely correctable and needn’t be a permanent disability. To find out more about how CURE is working on behalf of children with clubfoot in developing countries click here.