Infant Clubfoot

Angel’s parents could only imagine a hopeless future for their baby.

When Angel was born, there was no delight. Instead, she and her family were endlessly mocked. ‘Shiba’ she was called, a cruel term for ‘crippled’.

Angle was born with clubfoot, a debilitating limb deformity that robs children of their ability to walk normally. One or both feet gradually turn more inward and backward, resulting in severe lifelong disability, discrimination and often deep poverty.

More than 80% of babies born with clubfoot each year live in low and middle income countries and do not have access to clubfoot treatment.

When Angel’s parents found a local CURE Clubfoot Clinic, they were filled with hope at the sight of many other babies like Angel.

Ponsetti MethodCURE Clubfoot uses a non-surgical procedure known as the Ponseti Method. Over 6-8 weeks the foot is gradually cast into the correct position. With the addition of braces and physio, this pioneering treatment is 98% effective in correcting clubfoot in young children.

Angel is one of these children and she is now learning to walk unhindered. Chances are that she will never remember that she once had a disability!

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