Limb deformity

Aramatou before and afterAramatou is from Mali. She was found by a doctor who sent across her picture to CURE Niger’s Dr. Negrini to see if he could operate on her. He had never seen such a severe case of limb deformity. Aramatou’s legs were not only bent but also completely turned around; her toes were facing backwards and her heels forwards.

That was over 18 months ago and Aramatou still lives at the hospital. During this time she has undergone extensive operations. Dr Negrini has placed an external fixator so her legs can be slowly turned.

The care CURE provides isn’t just a one-off. The team at CURE Niger is working with Aramatou to provide medical and pastoral care to ensure that she makes a full recovery. Aramatou is well on her way to walking on straight legs.