Larwan before and afterAs you can see from the callouses on his hands and feet, Larwan used to move around on all fours, dodging the cars in the street putting his life in danger everyday. His feet were malformed due to severely neglected clubfoot.

Larwan is a bright and happy boy who was born in Niger, one of the poorest countries on earth. So his family knew their chances of finding the operation that Larwan needed was not great.

This little boy was very fortunate as he was spotted on the streets by a volunteer doctor. He asked Dr Negrini at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Niger if he could operate on him. Dr Negrini said that he would try.

A very kind donor offered to pay for Larwan’s operation and medical care. Imagine the joy when Dr Negrini got Larwarn to stand on his feet for the first time! Larwan can now go to school and escape the vicious circle of poverty and exclusion from society.

Clubfoot is completely correctable and needn’t be a permanent disability. To find out more about how CURE is working on behalf of children with clubfoot in developing countries click here.