Tom before and afterWhen Tom was just a few month’s old, he started to get very sick. His eyes were unstable, he could not see and he did not respond to his mother’s voice. Tom’s head expanded in size and he was in a lot of pain.

Very worried about her son, Tom’s mother brought Tom to CURE Uganda. Here she immediately met other mother’s all cradling children suffering as Tom was. Seeing all these joyful faces brought great comfort to Tom’s mother: she was not alone and there was hope that her baby boy could be healed.

Tom immediately received a life-saving operation at CURE, draining the fluid from his brain and treating the infection. Today Tom is well, happy and enjoying his childhood. Thanks to CURE, Tom has great promise for his future.

To find out more about how CURE is working on behalf of children with hydrocephalus in developing countries click here.