CURE International UK

(CURE UK) is a UK-registered charity and member of the international consortium of Christian organisations and hospitals that is the CURE International Network. CURE’s eight charitable children’s hospitals provide world-class surgical care and counseling to serve children living with treatable disabilities in developing countries. CURE UK’s current focus is on supporting CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe through a strategic plan called OPERATION ZIM.

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About CURE Zimbabwe

Opened in May 2021, CURE Zimbabwe is the first and only hospital in the country that is dedicated to serving vulnerable children and families through the provision of free orthopedic, plastic, reconstructive, and rehabilitative care. With your help, we can ensure that every child in Zimbabwe has access to the life-changing surgery they desperately need.


Providing life-changing surgeries for children in Zimbabwe

OPERATION ZIM’s main goal is to provide surgery sponsorship for 400 children receiving treatment at CURE Zimbabwe.

Supporting CURE Zimbabwe to build its capacity

A secondary goal is to support projects and activities to build the hospital’s capacity as well as general healthcare services in Zimbabwe.

A strong CURE UK to better support the needs of CURE Zimbabwe

Through our strategic focus we can provide more impactful fundraising, communications, and project activity, responsibly using charitable funds for improved outcomes for children with disabilities in Zimbabwe.

Interested in reading the full strategic plan? Click here.