Clubfoot free: Felicity

Felicity and her parents, Ruth and Clements, live almost an hour out of town in a village on the outskirts of Blantyre.
When patient and their families live far away from any of the CURE hospitals, it is always a concern to whether they will make every appointment. For Felicity, Ruth and Clements we were impressed by how devoted they were by coming every week for treatment.

Felicity’s feet before and after casting:

Clements says, “After Felicity was born at the public hospital, we went straight to CURE. We were received well, and everything went smoothly. We had challenges getting transport. Sometimes I would borrow money so that we wouldn’t miss treatment for our baby. Her clubfoot only needed three casts, and after her tenotomy, we noticed that it had worked, and we were happy.”

Clements leads us to his home in the village.

We wait for Ruth to return with Felicity while Clements tells Chimwemwe their story.

Felicity fell and scraped her forehead. Ruth brought Felicity to a local clinic, so we went to pick them up in the car and bring them back home—don’t worry, Felicity is fine!

Felicity waves to a neighbour as they escort us back to the car.

We are always so encouraged to see how our clubfoot babies are doing post-treatment! It’s wonderful to hear how the clubfoot clinic’s work to heal babies and how it educates the families about the importance of the treatment.

Please continue to support our clubfoot clinics across Malawi and the rest of the world, so we can continue healing children like Felicity.

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