CURE Care Kits are on the ground at CURE Malawi’s hospital and have been distributed to patients after discharge. These branded drawstring bags contain many items to help patients continue their healing journey spiritually, physically, and emotionally following their treatment at CURE.

“The ideas behind the bags is it’s a ministry tool that demonstrates the love of Christ, including the physical, educational, and spiritual. This will help kids learn to take care of their bodies, by brushing their teeth and hair; soul, by reading the Bible and the Jesus exercise and colouring book; and mind, by giving them toys that encourage play.” —Jimmy Chimphinda, Spiritual Director at CURE Malawi.

Jimmy expanded on the importance of the role the CURE Care Kits play in the spiritual ministry outreach of the hospital:

“Every care kit contains a Bible, making the bag a seed-carrier of the Word by spreading the good news from one individual to another. We, the people of CURE, become more of Christ’s ambassadors by what we are doing and giving out.”

Peter loves his new stuffed animal that sticks it’s toungue out- just like he does!

“The CURE care kits are helping us reach more people. It begins with a patient and a guardian, but spreads to a family and then a community. It is an extension of our ministry, demonstrating who we are, what we are doing, and what we stand for. More people will hear about CURE which means more people will hear the good news.” —Jimmy Chimphinda.

The care kits include a Bible, stuffed animal, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, children’s book on dental care, comb, towel, soap, and colouring book about Jesus’ miracles with crayons.

Mayamiko from Spiritual Ministry happily hands Vernon and his mum a CURE care kit

The children are super excited about these bags, and so are their guardians.

“These bags have given the patients more to talk about the goodness of CURE’s ministry. They’ve not only become [a] marketing tool, but have made the families more proud that they were treated at a CURE hospital.”—Jimmy Chimphinda

Doreen giggles with joy when Funny from Spiritual Department passes her a CURE care kit before she leaves for home.

“With these bags, the unreachable will be reached. They will go into … villages that are very far out. These bags will go into the places we can’t go, and in those bags will be a Bible, therefore, Jesus will be sent to and talked about in those homes and unreachable places.”—Jimmy Chimphinda

CURE hospitals are excited to be spreading the healing that takes place at CURE through these care kits and moreso, sharing the good news of God’s love!

Footnotes: Story and photos by Lexi Gilmore, CURE Malawi Storyteller

Photo of the CURE-UK web admin

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