Hygiene Kits Reach Malawi

When the cyclone hit multiple districts in Malawi, CURE staff came together to lend a hand and help the flood victims in need of basic medical attention. With generous donations from International Aid and Healing Hope, CURE Malawi was gifted 4,000 hygiene kits to distribute amongst the community. Over the next year, these packets will be handed out to the flood victims at the CURE clinics across Malawi, especially in the Southern region where a majority of the flooding took place. 

CURE staff works together to unload the container of hygiene kits.

Each hygiene kit contains shampoo, soap, a toothbrush, two mini tubes of toothpaste, and a towel. CURE Malawi plans to distribute 3,000 hygiene kits by the end of 2019. In addition to hygiene kits, staff members distributed a OneMeal packet to each family. A OneMeal packet is an easy-to-make bag of grain rice, lentil and vegetable blend with a stir-in vitamin packet. This helps provide plant-soured vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to assist the health needs of the people.

At CURE’s clinic in the Mangochi District, staff screened over 150 patients. The clinic was advertised on the radio and other social media platforms resulting in parents and guardians calling the hospital inquiring about CURE and confirming they would be at the clinic.

Jimmy explains what is in the hygiene kit and how to use the items.

Many patients and guardians that have recently come into the hospital and shared how their hygiene kits made a big difference in their lives. Mona, a patient currently in the hospital, and her mom Lucy told us, “Mona has an infection on her leg and arm. The infection already existed before the cyclone, but after the flooding, everything was damaged and dirty.” She went on to tell us, “The hygiene kit that we were given really helped us keep Mona’s wounds clean and avoid further infection. We are so grateful that CURE Malawi came to visit us with the provision of the cleaning materials.” 

CURE Malawi thanks International Aid and Hope & Healing for their support and donations to help the people of Malawi. It is through the physical healing provided by CURE that God’s people are open to learning more about His plan for them and to be able to experience His love and mercy in their spiritual healing as well. 

Photo of the CURE-UK web admin

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