Jinja’s New Mobile Clinic

In 2003, CURE Uganda implemented a plan to extend our reach for our follow-up patients by starting mobile clinics in various regions of Uganda. Rotating clinics were opened in the western, central, and northern regions. Over the years, patients from the eastern region of Busoga, which covers thirteen districts, increased to over 1,500 patients! However, these patients were not showing up for their patient check-ups due to a lack of transportation to the CURE hospital.

To help solve this problem, CURE opened a new clinic in the eastern Busoga region, in the town of Jinja, in May 2019. The clinic is hosted at Acacia, a community church. Recently, Kulusum, a mother to one of our patients, told us that she was on a bus to CURE Uganda when she heard about the new clinic in Jinja. To save money, she got off the bus and decided to visit the clinic instead. “This clinic will work for me!” she said.

Esther reviewing her patient.

On the first day, 11 patients visited the clinic, and this July, we had 24 patients! Most of our patients from the Busoga region at CURE Uganda have been requesting that they are included in the program for the Jinja clinic because of its location and proximity to their home. The new clinic makes is much easier for these parents to bring their babies in for check-ups. 

 “One of the main reasons we opened this clinic was to take care of the excess numbers at the Katalemwa clinic in Kampala. It was difficult for some mothers to reach Kampala city. The Jinja clinic is now taking care of patients from more than 13 districts in that region,” says Petwa, CURE Uganda Operations Manager.

Nurse Norbert dispensing medicine.

Moses Nyote, the head of the Social Works Department, says that the Jinja clinic is alleviating the congestion in the hospital. He also mentioned that the plan is to create a new parent’s psychosocial support group in the region. This parent’s group will help new mothers that have children with spina bifida or hydrocephalus learn the best ways to take care of their children. It will also help spread the word about CURE Uganda and the conditions that we treat. 

Pioneer team from CURE Uganda that started the Jinja clinic.
Photo of the CURE-UK web admin

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