Patience’s Story

Patience today

Patience is a beautiful, smiley 10-year old. However, if it wasn’t for CURE Uganda, Patience would not have lived passed her first birthday.

10 years ago Patience’s terrified parents arrived at CURE, carrying their tiny baby with a huge head, no idea what was wrong. Thankfully, they had come to the right hospital.

Patience had hydrocephalus, a condition where excessive amounts of fluid in the brain had caused her head to swell.

If the CURE hospital hadn’t been there, she would have probably died. If she had survived, she would have suffered from endless physical and mental problems.

Hydrocephalus infantFortunately, at CURE Patience received the surgical intervention that saved her life.

Patience was one of the first patients to receive a life-changing operation at the CURE Uganda hospital. To date, over 5,000 children have been saved here. All these children are alive today because of the speciality care at CURE Uganda.

Patience is a living example of hope to other parents of children with hydrocephalus: there is a cure and each child has the hope of a full, promising life ahead of them.

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