An Important Change to CURE Clubfoot

An announcement from our colleagues at CURE International. Article by Roger Spoelman

Sometimes, change is good. Today, I want to let you know about a wonderful change: CURE International’s board of directors voted unanimously to make our clubfoot program an independent entity. It’s called Hope Walks and will be devoted exclusively to correcting infant clubfoot.

You probably already know that CURE has provided surgeries and treatment for more than 115,000 children with clubfoot in 24 countries over the past 12 years. This new non-profit organization, Hope Walks, will be able to meet children’s urgent needs more effectively and grow more rapidly by zeroing in on early treatment for this one devastating birth defect.

For children with more complicated cases of clubfoot, CURE will still step up, as we continue to help them and other children around the world with more complex medical problems, providing orthopedic, neurosurgical, and reconstructive surgery.

I am deeply grateful for the role you play in this — your generous support is making a beautiful impact. Your faithfulness has set the stage for the exciting development of Hope Walks, dedicated to one thing: correcting infant clubfoot.

Clubfoot affects 170,000+ infants a year. If it’s not treated, it leads to lifelong disability and often traps its victim in poverty. Early treatment can dramatically change a child’s life. This has been a major focus of CURE’s work, so we’re excited about the tremendous potential for Hope Walks to transform more lives than ever.

Just like CURE’s team, the leadership of Hope Walks is committed to providing quality treatment and compassionate care as a platform for sharing the gospel. I myself have been asked to serve as a board member for Hope Walks, and feel this is a great privilege. Please join me in praying for them in the days ahead.

You can learn more about Hope Walks at

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