Divine Connections

Healing finds Kaleb

Kaleb had a spine condition. His dad left the family because of his son’s disability. Kaleb struggled with feelings of loneliness and didn’t have much hope for his future. All of this changed the day he connected with CURE Kenya.

A few years ago, Kaleb came to one of our mobile clinics. A friend of one of CURE Kenya’s pastors referred Kaleb to us. At the clinic, Kaleb met Livingstone. “Of course, when I see a patient with spine [problems], I get interested,” Livingstone said. You see, Livingstone understood Kaleb’ struggles, because he too had a spine condition, and Livingstone had found healing through surgery at CURE Kenya.

Kaleb before surgery (Photo by a friend of CURE)

After connecting with Livingstone, a doctor examined Kaleb and then requested an MRI … but MRIs cost a lot of money. Shortly after the clinic, Livingstone happened to be doing home visits with a friend of CURE who helps find funding for surgeries. Through a series of events, the friend met Kaleb and decided to provide funding, for not only the possible operation that Kaleb would need but also for his MRI!

Kaleb was able to get the MRI the doctor requested, and on the next clinic visit, doctors informed him that he would indeed need surgery. Kaleb waited at home until his surgery. Livingstone visited him during that time. When Kaleb’ mother remarked that the operation was going to be free, Livingstone told her: “It’s not free, but God has used somebody to pay.”

God used somebody to help pay for Kaleb’ surgery—four times. Three of those times, it’s been the same friend of CURE.

Kaleb with Livingstone, his mum, and two of his teachers. (Photo by Elvis Lemaiyan)

Another organisation visited him at home and offered to help pay for one of his surgeries. Both CURE Kenya and a local TV station filmed him at his school on school prayer day—a day when people come together to pray before exams. He even had the opportunity to share his story of hope during CURE Kenya’s 20th Anniversary celebration, where he stood next to the vice president of Kenya, William Ruto.

Kaleb dancing during his school’s prayer day! (Photo by Elvis Lemaiyan)
Kaleb and his mum at CURE Kenya’s 20th Anniversary Celebration! (Photo by Naphtali Foster)
Kaleb in his school uniform at one of CURE Kenya’s recent mobile clinics
(Photo by Naphtali Foster)

On top of all of this, he gained a friend, one who understands and encourages. “Kaleb is now a good friend of mine, not only because of the hospital but because we’ve connected as a family,” Livingstone shared. Kaleb and his mum might even visit Livingstone sometime!

All of these connections changed Kaleb. “He now has a positive attitude,” Livingstone told us. Kaleb told Livingstone: “If you have a family, and if you are that successful in life, you are a role model. I want to be a role model.” Livingstone, along with some CURE staff members, visited Kaleb at his home to give him a bicycle and a phone, both gifts from people who care about him!

And Kaleb isn’t the only one who has been changed. Livingstone informed us that because of Kaleb’ transformation, his dad came back to the family! His parents even had another child together!

So there it is. Through one person who knew someone else, and as a result, Kaleb found healing and hope.

Kaleb and his friend Livingstone (Photo by Naphtali Foster)
Kaleb and Livingstone on the day Kaleb received his new bike and phone!
(Photo by Naphtali Foster)
Kaleb tries out his new bike! (Photo by Nelson Muoki)

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