Tim Tebow Breaks Ground for New Children’s Ward at CURE Zimbabwe

New facility will be a major improvement in the country’s paediatric healthcare

Tim Tebow’s life is all about impact — both on the field and in the world. In 2014, The Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF) partnered with CURE International to open the Tebow CURE Hospital in the Philippines. Each year, that hospital performs over 1,200 free surgical procedures and ministers to thousands.

Recognising the massive impact this hospital is having in the Philippines, Tim knew his foundation could do even more for the children globally if they partnered again with CURE International.

Yesterday, Tim Tebow (Founder of TTF), Steve Biondo (President of TTF), Justin Narducci (President/CEO of CURE International), Jonathan Simpson (Executive Director of CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe), and Dr. N. Dzvanga (CEO of United Bulawayo Hospital) celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Tebow Care Centre, a 40-bed children’s ward at CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe that TTF will help fund along with a South Florida Christian family foundation.

From left to right, Tim Tebow, founder of Tim Tebow Foundation; Mrs. Kwedza, Ministry of Local Government and Public Works; Dr. NBT Dzvanga, CEO of United Bulawayo Hospitals; Justin Narducci President/CEO of CURE International break ground for the new Tebow Care Centre children’s ward at CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe.

“I’m grateful for the chance to again come alongside our long-time partner, CURE International, to answer this call, and run fast after these children through CURE Zimbabwe and the Tebow Care Centre. Together, we will fight to bring physical and spiritual healing to these children who otherwise may never receive care,” said Tim Tebow, Founder of TTF. “It brings me such joy to think about the children and families who will be served here in the years to come. It is a true blessing to be able to serve the people of Southern Africa by providing them with a place where they can experience Faith, Hope, and Love!”

The generous commitment by TTF also covers the costs of future medical procedures and ministry activities at the hospital, allowing children to continue to receive free care at CURE Zimbabwe for the foreseeable future.

This new children’s ward will allow the hospital to serve up to 6,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa in the years to come who suffer every day without procedures for conditions such as cleft lip and bowed legs. CURE now has a presence in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe providing care to these countries directly but also serving children from border countries including Mozambique, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“Tim Tebow, his foundation, and his foundation’s supporters should be very proud of the amazing work they are doing all around the world,” said Justin Narducci, President/CEO of CURE International. “This new ward will unlock CURE Zimbabwe’s potential to be a major resource for the children of Southern Africa. We are truly blessed to have TTF as our partner.”

In addition to immediately expanding access to healthcare, CURE Zimbabwe multiplies its efforts by serving as a teaching hospital. In this way, CURE Zimbabwe not only heals children in the immediate future, but also contributes in a major way to training the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons in Zimbabwe and across east, central, and Southern Africa.

The Tebow Care Centre is expected to open in December of this year.

Tim and Demi Tebow and Steve Biondo, President of the Tim Tebow Foundation, prays for a patient at CURE Zimbabwe.
Tim Tebow addresses attendees at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Tebow Care Centre.
Photo of the Melissa Hall

About the Author:

Melissa joined CURE UK in June 2021, heading up Marketing, Communications, and Events. On her visit to CURE Children's Hospital of Zimbabwe in September 2022 she experienced the people and the environment that makes a CURE hospital so special! She makes every effort to communicate this to readers everywhere.