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Clubfoot free: Betty

by alice on July 18, 2018

Betty’s dad, Stephen, says, “When we learned about the clubfoot, we were very stressed because she was our first child. We thought that maybe our baby would not walk or…

Niger’s Patient Gardens

by alice on July 11, 2018

Niger is consistently ranked as one of the least developed countries in the world which, among other things, means transportation is often unreliable or non-existent. As such, it is a…

Peter: Standing tall again

by alice on June 22, 2018

Peter walked through CURE Zambia’s doors in June 2017 with a condition known as genu valgum, commonly called as “knock-knee.” Genu valgum is a condition that causes the knees to…

Father & son testify: There is a CURE for clubfoot

by alice on June 15, 2018

On a hot, hot day in Niamey, Niger there were a classroom full of 7 year old children! “Imarou! Imarou! Look who is here!” the class teacher beamed with excitement….

Zahir & Rowel: Healing their clubfoot gives a family hope

by alice on June 1, 2018

Zahir & Rowel: Healing their clubfoot gives a family hope “Zahir and Rowel were babies and we took them to the hospital, their mother objected because she thought they would…

Facing the unknown

by alice on May 21, 2018

Aida had given birth before, many times in fact. She knew the routine, what to expect and looked forward to meeting her seventh child. When the time came, she went…

Clubfoot free: Natasha

by alice on May 11, 2018

Recently, our CURE Malawi Clubfoot Team travelled around to follow up with our patients to see how they are doing now that they are clubfoot free! “We are happy! We…

CURE Malawi’s First Physiotherapist!

by alice on April 20, 2018

Janet has recently joined CURE Malawi’s Physiotherapy team. She has been at CURE since hospital first opened their doors in 2003! Janet is not only a special person who works…

Planning for the future

by alice on April 19, 2018

Eshe is a bright and beautiful 13-year-old girl, who lives with her mom Eliza, her aunt, and two siblings. Eshe came to CURE Malawi with a chronic bone infection in…

Tom, The Strong Seven-Year-Old

by alice on March 21, 2018

One day, Tom was walking to school when he was hit by a lorry. He was rushed to a local hospital, where his right leg was amputated at the knee…

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