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CURE UK welcomes Timothy Perkin to the board of trustees

26 July, 2022

CURE UK is thrilled to welcome a new trustee to its governing board, Timothy Perkin. Tim is a sustainability consultant at Kumi, where he specialises in responsible sourcing. His role…

Exmaple of an accessible playground installed at CURE Niger

The Power of Play: our campaign for an accessible Playground at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe

22 July, 2022

In May 2022 we celebrated one year of service to the Children of Zimbabwe! Just over a year ago, children in Zimbabwe who needed orthopaedic surgery could only dream. A…

Head and shoulders portrait of a young woman in a blue top.

Eda’s Dream: A Young Girl’s Journey to Healing and Her Goal of Becoming a Nurse

14 June, 2022

In places where medical resources are scarce, simple childhood accidents can become lifelong disabilities. This could have been the case for Eda, a charming and resilient 14-year-old girl from Malawi,…

Three people performing surgery

CURE Ethiopia Performs Ethiopia’s First Microvascular Surgery to Save a Child’s Leg

9 June, 2022

Three years ago, Sofonias, an eight-year-old boy, fell and broke his leg while playing outside with friends. His mom, Endawek, rushed him to a local hospital, where the doctors performed…

A hospital building with lawns infront.

Celebrating One Year of Service to the Children of Zimbabwe!

31 May, 2022

A year ago, children in Zimbabwe who needed orthopaedic surgery could only dream. A year later, it has become reality for hundreds. Like many of its patients, CURE Children’s Hospital…

A picture containing person, indoor, device

MedSend Sends Additional Surgeons to CURE Hospitals

10 May, 2022

Expanded Partnership Strengthens African Medical Capacity for Years to Come One of the greatest challenges facing the 400 million children in Africa is a critical shortage of trained medical professionals….

Children Burned in Horrific Schoolhouse Fire Receive Care from CURE Children’s Hospital of Niger

31 March, 2022

Every day across Niger, children gather in straw huts that serve as schoolhouses. And each day in Niger, the hope of education is mixed with the risk of catastrophe. On…

People gathered around a child in a hospital bed

The CUREkid that melted the heart of the President

On 14th May 2021, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Dr. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, paid an official visit to the CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe to celebrate its grand…

A child standing outside

Conditions we Treat: Windswept Deformity

30 March, 2022

This blog is part of an ongoing series looking to explain the common conditions CURE treats in ways that all of us non-medical folk can understand. A condition in which…

Professor stands near a window with arms folded.

CURE International Honours Dr. Chris Lavy and The Beit Trust for their Remarkable Contributions to Paediatric Health in Africa

25 February, 2022

Dr. Chris Lavy is an example of how one person can change the world. Dr. Lavy has dedicated his life to utilizing his God-given talents to make the world a…

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